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Whitworth History

Our building and park are steeped in Victorian industrial history. Lady Louisa Whitworth, wife of the industrialist Sir Joseph Whitworth, had a vision of creating a place where people could meet for leisure, recreational and educational purposes. The Whitworth is unique in that it is the only surviving Whitworth foundation that continues to operate under the terms of its original endowment.

Click on the portraits to learn more about our founders.

Sir Joseph Whitworth.jpg
Lady Louisa Whitworth.jpg


View from cricket ground up towards Whitworth Institute


Today The Whitworth operates as a venue for a wide variety of events, all of which help to support the upkeep of the building and extensive park land. The Whitworth is a Charitable Trust dependent on the support of local people.  Every penny that comes from the sale of an ice cream in the cafe, or a donation made to us, is reinvested in the building and park. 

Whitworth Today

What we do

Reduce social isolation and loneliness in our community

Create stronger, rewarding relationships in families and local groups

Help people make greener choices and improve the environment

Enhance physical, social and mental well-being of local people

Management Team

Meet the Team

Paul Taylor

General Manager

Claire Roberts

Finance Officer

Kim Launert

Events, Sales & Marketing Manager

Tony Bates

Lead Venue Operative

Jayne Wynne

Chef Manager

The Whitworth is also supported by a dedicated, wider team who work incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure The Whitworth is open 365 days a year. 

Our Board of Trustees

As a registered charity The Whitworth operates under the guidance of a Board of Trustees. Our Trustees all hold a variety of  skills across a wide range of areas which assist The Whitworth Team in the long-term management of the park and building. 

Our Board of Trustees
Alan Long_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Alan Long

Chair of the Trust

Finance (Chair)


Buildings, Safety and Environment

Park Experience and Engagement


Andy Sullivan

Vice-Chair of the Trust

Personnel (Chair)

Buildings, Safety and Environment


Jonathan Riley_edited.jpg

Jonathan Riley


Park, Experience and Engagement


Simon Gill

Buildings, Safety and Environment (Chair)

Carolyn Curtis_edited_edited.jpg

Carolyn Curtis


Park Experience and Engagement


Andy Murdy

Buildings, Safety and Environment

Dave Oakley_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dave Oakley

Park Experience and Engagement

Duncan Taylor_edited.jpg

Duncan Taylor

Buildings, Safety and Environment


Jason farmer_edited.jpg

Jason Farmer

Sarah Halliwall2.jpg

Sarah Halliwell

Sean Taylor.jpg


Buildings, Safety and Environment

Park, Experience & Engagement

Join Our Team

At the moment, we don't have any vacancies. Please check here again soon as we update our website regularly. 

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